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Clearvision Coaching - Mission

ClearVision Coaching helps you find your personal vision, and achieve your defined goals, so you can live up to your true potential.

To achieve this, we support you to (re-) learn how to deal with your emotions, release blockages and hindering beliefs, using tools like Inner Child Integration Process to heal emotional trauma, and the BeSeen-Experience® to show your authentic self.

Our Vision

We wish that all people can lead a life in freedom and self-determination, so they can bring they highest potential into this world.

Because every human being is unique and brings its own special gifts and abilities into the world, that we are supposed to unfold and strive with them.

Therefore it is needed, to leave old fears and blockages behind, in order to live up to our true potential. To the highest good of all.

We are here to help others in doing this. This is the work we have committed to. This is what we are here for.

This is what we help you with

Clearvision Coaching brings you into clarity in relation to your individual life path and your individual goals.

When you have reached that level of clarity, you don’t need anymore guidebooks and lists with general instructions. You know where your path is leading you. You will feel which are the next necessary steps to get to where you want to be.

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Online Coaching or Personal 1:1 Sessions in Hamburg

As coaches we can work online with you or in our counseling room in Hamburg.

You can flexibly choose and schedule your appointments directly using our online calendar. No phone calls with our backoffice are needed.

Even when we are travelling we are available for you – Online Coaching makes this possible.

Also a combination is possible: You visit us for a coaching session in Hamburg, and we continue to work together on an online basis. Or we start with Online Coaching, and in addition you come to Hamburg for an appointment.

Our Tools

The way towards your personal vision, and towards reaching your goals involves connecting to your emotions.

That’s why we are working with these to get you on your way. We support you in becoming aware of your true emotions, and gain positive impulse and momentum for your personal development.

Emotional blockages we use as markers where the light of conscious focus is needed. So old wounds can heal that prevented you from moving forward.

We are by your side – as gentle and reliable partners – to provide you with the safe space to connect to your emotion, and make your vision come alive.

The BeSeen Experience – Showing Up For Yourself

The BeSeen Experience is a very special kind of coaching. We are using photo and video camerawork in a coaching environment, that allows you to show yourself authentic and learn to be nothing but yourself.

When being in front of a camera makes you really uncomfortable, when you don’t like the way you look or you even hate yourself. When you never leave the house without make-up or you don’t like the way your voice sounds.

Whatever it is that has prevented you from openly commit to your dreams and reach for the stars – The BeSeen Experience will strongly expand your capabilities to strive.

The Completion Process: An Inner Child Integration Process to Heal Deep Emotional Trauma

The Completion Process is a method to heal emotional trauma, that was developed by Teal Swan as a combination of different best-practice healing modalities that work most effectively together. The process can lead to resolving deeply ingrained traumatic experiences within just a few sessions.

Lisa Hellmann and Hendrik Roggemann both are experienced facilitators in The Completion Process. Hendrik was also personally trained and certified by Teal Swan as a Certified Practitioner of The Completion Process.

If  this is something that you want to experience to resolve your trauma, we will love to be your safe and secure partners by your side.

Your way into clarity and towards reaching your goals

Clear Vision guides you into clarity about your goal. And your soul knows the way.

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Lisa und Hendrik - Coach und Psychotherapeut in Hamburg
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Online Coaching

We also offer personal coaching sessions online.

Online Coaching is just as effective as face-to-face sessions in the same room. Often times it even has advantages to work online.

This way you can stay in the comfort of your home or even work with us when you are travelling.

Online Coaching is more time efficient by reducing transfer times, and you not having to waste time in our waiting room.

We have been doing Online Coaching for quite some time now, and our experiences were very good. Our clients from all different parts of the world will confirm that.

Coaching in Hamburg

We would love to work with you in person in our counseling room in Hamburg.

Having a cup of tea together will sooth the nervousness before we start exploring your emotions and begin to find your personal vision.

Coaching in Hamburg is the go-to option when you would prefer your coaching in a safe space that is outside your usual environment.

And, of course, this is the place where most of our BeSeen experiences happen – coaching with the camera. These kinds of coachings happen mostly here in Hamburg.

If you are interested in a workshop, a groupcoaching or The BeSeen Experience outside of Hamburg, please feel free to contact us.