Emotional Healing Center Project

Emotional Healing, Trauma Release and Holistic Wellbeing


Because humanity needs this healing for people to be able to develop into a new age of peaceful and abundant life for all beings on Earth.



Hendrik Roggemann
Hendrik RoggemannIntuitive Healer, Psychotherapist (HP)
Hendrik Roggemann is an intuitive healer and psychotherapist (HP). He is also a certified practitioner of The Completion Process by Teal Swan, a powerful trauma healing process that uses a combination of techniques, including inner child work, to release and heal trauma.
During his stay in Peru in 2018 he was called to add sound, energy and intuitive healing to his sessions.
Hendrik also loves the power of circles.
Lisa Hellmann
Lisa HellmannIntuitive Healer, Psychologist (M.Sc.)
I see myself as a companion on a piece of your way. Because above all else I’m just a human being. A person who evolves every day. Between laughter and crying. Between high and low. Lose yourself in the ever-recurrent dance and finally find yourself again. Because I too am on a journey. A journey to myself, experiencing the infinite potential I want to be revealed, and learning to be in love with everything that makes me feel the moment.
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