As a coach, I support people who want to heal their trauma and improve their relationships. Without the need for lengthy psychotherapy.

End anxiety and inner blockages. Live free and fulfilled.

Relationship Coaching Hendrik Roggemann

Our relationships are the key to a fulfilled life. Be it a romantic partnership or the relationship we have with our friends, family members, and colleagues. Relationships can also be our greatest teachers if we accept them as such.

And relationships do not just happen to us, but we can be conscious about them, and learn to improve the way in which we relate to others.

If you feel you could need a little extra help, I will be happy to guide you through your personal path of growth in relationships. And you don’t have to be in a partnership to get ready for the relationship you have always wanted. You can do the necessary steps right now.

Trauma Integration with Hendrik Roggemann

If you have problems in relationships, struggle with emotion or notice repeating negative patterns, the reason can be unresolved childhood experiences and trauma. Modern concepts of therapy and coaching like the inner child work, the completion process, and other modalities help resolving these issues, leading to a more fulfilled life, healthier, happier relationships, and an overall improved quality of life.

Sometimes it takes courage to do the first steps on your journey of healing your childhood trauma. But it is worth every effort.

Over many years I have been by the side of my clients while resolving and integrating childhood trauma. Witnessing how, by doing this, they became the most authentic and free version of themselves.

Sometimes the road of life can be a bit bumpy. We may be in the process of changing important areas of our life, beginning or ending a relationship, find a new job or move to another city or even another country to start a new life.

Sometimes on the outside it looks like nothing is happening, but in reality there is a big shift happening that you might be going through. An important step on your personal development path that can feel like “the dark night of the soul.”

I have been there not just once. And I love to tell you, that you don’t have to go through this alone.

Of course, “this too shall pass”. But there are no bonus points given for doing it all on your own. The smart way is to find a mentor that will stay with you through stormy times. And I very much enjoy being that person.

Hendrik Roggemann Separation Coach and Couples Counsellor

My own experience with trauma and separation

Before I could start the journey with my clients into their past to heal old wounds, I first had to walk this path myself.

I consider this to be the most important foundation of my work. Only then am I in a position to really effectively use the tools I have learned in various trainings around trauma integration and conscious relationship building.

My life path was not a straight line. An international career as a management consultant ended in burnout in 2010. I could no longer put off working through the traumas from which I had successfully taken refuge in my work. At that time I was already working as a coach for other people. But life is constant learning and growing.

My marriage was divorced in 2017 after 14 years, my former wife is still an important part of my life today and we are proud to have accomplished our separation in an equally conscious and loving way.

For my work, I know that only when my own space of possibility is large enough to see the development of my clients, then I can help to fully realize that potential.

That is why I regularly invest time and money in my own development. In order to then put this into the service of my clients.

This is where I have found my life’s work and fulfillment.

If you are looking for an experienced and fearless companion on your personal development journey, then I am happy to be at your side.

Client Testimonials

I have experienced Hendrik as an experienced, sensitive-intuitive therapist who knows how to professionally create a safe, judgment-free and open space where true, deep healing is possible.
His method is very timely, since trauma healing offers a key to personal and collective peace.
I am very grateful for his seminar on the completion process in Peru and I can recommend him as a therapist as well as a seminar leader.


It’s probably not really describable in words, which happened in a very short time. But for me it was a unique and necessary experience. It has brought so much light into the dark. So much has changed since then in a short time. And I feel good. Better than before. Open, self-confident.


Hendrik is an amazing CP practitioner.

With his loving support and deep presence he made me feel safe right away to the degree that I was able to access and process the feeling of shame, something that I have a big problem with. His profound knowledge in children psychology was extremely valuable whenever I got confused and didn’t know how to deal with my inner child, so with his gentle guidance I could move forward and integrate the fractured aspects of myself. I’m very grateful for this experience and looking forward to work with him again…

…and yes, I highly recommend Hendrik to everyone who is searching for a CP practitioner.