Working with Hendrik Roggemann


In a relaxed and at the same time concentrated state, deep-seated emotional blocks as well as causes of stress and psychosomatic complaints can best be solved.

Emotionale Heilung

For a fulfilling life it is sometimes necessary to dive deep into the shadows of the past. Then it is important not to be alone. I accompany you on your way.


In all areas of life we need it: self-confidence. And yet we are so often lacking. I’ll help you to boost your self-confidence, train with you and give you the right tools on the way.

About Hendrik Roggemann

Hendrik Roggemann

Hendrik Roggemann is a psychotherapist (HP) and coach with a focus on hypno-systemic approaches (hypnosis therapy). He began his professional career as a business consultant and project manager in the IT sector, where he accompanied national and international projects and led them to success.

Today, he helps people to find their personal vision of life, to resolve emotional blockages and to strengthen their self-esteem.

Client Testimonials

I have experienced Hendrik as an experienced, sensitive-intuitive therapist who knows how to professionally create a safe, judgment-free and open space where true, deep healing is possible.
His method is very timely, since trauma healing offers a key to personal and collective peace.
I am very grateful for his seminar on the completion process in Peru and I can recommend him as a therapist as well as a seminar leader.


It’s probably not really describable in words, which happened in a very short time. But for me it was a unique and necessary experience. It has brought so much light into the dark. So much has changed since then in a short time. And I feel good. Better than before. Open, self-confident.


Hendrik is an amazing CP practitioner.

With his loving support and deep presence he made me feel safe right away to the degree that I was able to access and process the feeling of shame, something that I have a big problem with. His profound knowledge in children psychology was extremely valuable whenever I got confused and didn’t know how to deal with my inner child, so with his gentle guidance I could move forward and integrate the fractured aspects of myself. I’m very grateful for this experience and looking forward to work with him again…

…and yes, I highly recommend Hendrik to everyone who is searching for a CP practitioner.