The BeSeen Experience – Show Your True Self And Be Seen

The BeSeen-Experience

BeSeen is an experience that will change your life. More than just a coaching event and so much more than just a photoshoot! It goes deeper. And it reaches your soul.

The BeSeen-Experience Workshops will be hosted by Hendrik Roggemann, Psychotherapist and Photographer

What Mirjam is saying after her BeSeen-Experience (English subtitles)

Who is the BeSeen-Experience made for?

For women

“91% of all women hate their bodies.”

That is what filmmaker Taryn Brumfit found out doing research for her documentary film “Embrace”.

But it is not only their body that women often reject. There are so many negative core beliefs that women are confronted with over and over during their lives.

Maybe you are one of them.

Until you reached a point at that you did not want to exist at all. Better not be seen. Rejecting yourself as a whole.

But as you have found this website, you are ready to break through those beliefs.

You are looking for ways to come back into your body, and ending the war within yourself.

Maybe you have already realized that there is a purpose for you in this world for which it is necessary for you to show up and be seen. And the thought of this is scary for you.

Then BeSeen is the safe space that you need to prepare yourself for the next step of your personal journey.

We are here for you.

For entrepreneurs

Being self-employed you know that this sentence can only be true, when your customers know that you even exist. In the past one could buy advertisements using photomodels or actors. But the market for those kinds of marketing is declining.

And being honest, you also prefer buying where you can see the people behind a product or service.

Customers, especially those of small companies, want personal connection. Social media gets more and more important, and people become more sensitive for authenticity.

Maybe you know all of this already, but showing yourself to the public still is an issue for you? It just makes you feel seriously uncomfortable?

Sweat starts to pour when you think about switching on the video camera?

Then we are here to help you.

The BeSeen Experience supports self-employed people to show themselves to the public and present their products and services in a personal and authentic way.

For men

Bodyshaming is not exclusive to women anymore. Men also know the societal pressure to look good, stay fit, ideally with a well-trained sixpack of stomach muscles, and always look at ease with it.

“No pain, no gain.” That is what men learn. But where do men go to show their emotion. Better not have feelings at all? That is not how it works. And maybe you have noticed that by trying it out.

Men are fed up with living in stereotypes being pressed into moulds that do not fit. Also for men the time has come to show themselves authentic and sensitive, free from masks.

When you want to learn how to show your emotions, and make the experience to be authentic, in your own power, and free from being evaluated, then the BeSeen-Experience is exactly the right way to go.

You are interested in the individual session? Book a free online appointment to talk about the details!

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