Clearvision Coaching - on the path to your true self

I will guide you through the depths of your shadows and past trauma towards the life you have always dreamt of.

Get to know me in under two minutes

This video is in German. A new English video will be uploaded soon. For now, please use the “CC” button to activate English subtitles.

Online Coaching – What does that mean?

Often I am asked how that works, working online with clients.

The answer is: It works very well! We see each other on screen just like we were sitting right opposite to one another.

The only difference: We don’t have to leave the house, there are no travel times, and we can meet when it suits best for you.

You don’t even have to call my office to ask for an appointment. You can just select your favorite date and time from my calendar and book it.

You can try it right now by booking your first consultation call with me.

Where does Clearvision Coaching help?

This kind of coaching helps you in different phases:

  1. When you want to become clear about your personal goals and your vision.
  2. To better reach your goals.
  3. To overcome obstacles that lie within you or your subconscious mind.

Many people know that what they actually want is something very different from what they are doing right now. And maybe you are one of them. There is a vague idea or sometimes even a clearer vision. But you don’t go for it. You just don’t walk into the direction you would want to.

In this case it is necessary to work on the vision to make it really, really clear, so that you have a vivid image of where you are heading to.

For my coaching I am using techniques from hypnotherapy to guide you into such a colorful image of your vision that you feel as if you were already there. The energy that this creates will carry you, and make your further steps much easier.

When things get tough at later times, Clearvision Coaching will help you keep on track, not losing your goal, and mobilize more energy when there are bigger steps to make.

Sometimes you might feel as if you had taken all those steps already, and you have no idea, why things just don’t work out in your favor. Then it is time to go even deeper with Clearvision Coaching. We will explore in detail what is keeping you back on your path to success. We will identify and change old beliefs or traumatic childhood experiences that need to be healed and resolved before you can proceed on your way.

Why I exactly know what I am talking about

Of course, as it is still popular in Germany to have certificates, I have all kinds of trainings, diplomas and certificates that it needs to do this kind of work. As a consultant I worked in large companies, and in different parts of the world.

However, no formal education, no school, no university can replace real life experience. In my case that means, I know the pain that my clients are feeling from my own experience. I know how it feels to heal from traumatic experiences. I have gone through depression, burn-out, and the fear to show up in public. Even though you might not believe it from today’s perspective.

That is why my offer is genuinely authentic. I do understand my clients. And when I say, I can help to get on track and follow your goals, I know that it isn’t easy. It might be hard work.

But you don’t have to do it alone!

I love working with clients that really want to make a move. That want to take back the responsibility for their own lives instead of asking for someone to “get rid of the problem” for them.

Maybe you are at this point in life when you say: YES, I want to know how to take back control, reach my goals, and be self-reliant!

Then I will be happy to be the coach on your side. And I will place my experience, my tools, and my energy to your disposal.

What my clients say

I am happy to receive such amazing feedback from my clients.

Manuela:Hendrik is a great companion, coach and completion process practitioner. He guided me through the Completion Process with deep connection and strong presence. I felt safe and familiar while Hendrik assisted me gently and compassionate to integrate a traumatic emotional wound concerning my birth. After the session I felt very good taken care of, relaxed and peaceful. Hendrik is a great companion to bring light into suppressed emotion and trauma, and he assists to regain and feel one’s own strengths and ressources. Thank you so much, Hendrik <3 

J.: It is hard to describe in words what happened in this quite short period of time.

But it was a unique and much needed experience. It brought so much light into the darkness.

So much has changed since then in so little time. And I feel good. Better than before. More open, more self-confident.

And that relates more to my emotions and my inner world. I can show them more openly now, because I found out, where these emotions come from, and that they are a part of me. And for that reason I can accept them more.

The beautiful feeling of being one with myself, and with my inner children that are all waiting to be seen and hugged.

It was nice to be guided by well-aimed, careful questions on the path towards it. The place where in the beginning was so much pain and so much had been suppressed. But the so much good happened, because for the first time I could accept myself for what I am showing and feeling.

I think this Completion Process has started something, and I could feel the results directly in myself and my body.

It is true that not everything gets better instantly. Maybe one feels worse for a short time. But afterwards it can get better. I can only recommend it. For me it was an incredible experience!

M.: …since the last session I feel somehow “new” once more. That this can happen so often is surprising for me. I also feel somehow more open in my daily life. Less blocked/ less slowed down. That is nice.

W.: …I feel so much better, you won’t believe it. …It feels like half of my thoughts had changed.

…I never had changes like that in my life. I will keep you updated. I think my life is changing a lot…