“After our first session I topped overeating, and lost 2 kilos of excess weight.
Now I hope I won’t start overeating again.”

This is something one of my client said in our second session. And it does not only testify how powerful my sessions are.

It also shows that emotional healing is not some miracle that happens over night.

Yes, we can have those quick and impressive results in just one session. But to keep moving into the right direction, and to change destructive habits that someone has developed over a long time, it needs time and permanent focus.

That is why I have developed a 9 week intensive program to release emotional trauma, AND create lasting change in someone‘s life.

It takes 9 weeks to create new patterns in your brain.

With emotional healing techniques such as inner child work, combined with visualizations in meditative states, trauma and destructive beliefs can be resolved in short periods of time. But this new consciousness must also be transferred into everyday life. Old habits must be changed, which requires conscious effort and willpower.

A session that results in emotional freedom is just the beginning. It opens the door for lasting change. But it takes a little bit more to walk through that door.

That is why I am committed to both the emotional release, and the action steps to follow.