The Safe Space - Connection and Sharing Group

Open up, share and grow together

In this group we practice open sharing and unconditional listening in a small group setting.

Let’s join and listen to each other. Let’s make the question “How do you feel?” have meaning again.

My personal experience with this kind of sharing in circles is amazing, and now I would like to share it with you here in Puerto de la Cruz.

For those interested I can share more about the work with the inner child to heal old wounds from childhood. 

But the most important “tool” is just sharing and being seen and heard unconditionally. No unwanted advice given. No “should’s” and “shouldn’t’s”. 

My goal is to provide a safe environment for open sharing.

I’m Hendrik, and I have been doing this work with clients for almost twenty years. And, of course, I am still on the same path myself. As personal development is never done. It is my passion and my profession at the same time.

As a therapist and coach I work one on one with clients (also online via Zoom), and lead group workshops in retreats.

You can listen to me sharing about emotion, healing, and relationships on my podcast “All about emotion with Hendrik Roggemann” on itunes, spotify, and all the other podcast platforms.

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I organize group meetings life in the North of Tenerife and Online for international groups.

Spaces are limited to keep the group small and private. Please subscribe to my newsletter to be informed about the next events.