Barbara Camarao is a transpersonal psychologist. She was born in Brazil, and grew up in Germany, where she studied clinical psychology, and later worked with people who suffered from mental illness.

Having had a history of depression and anxiety herself she understands mental illness from both sides.

It has been frustrating for her to see that conventional, modern psychiatry and psychotherapy are often times not enough in healing deep psychological wounds.

So she turned to alternative methods, exploring Ayahuasca, a plant based psychedelic medicine, that has been used by indigenous tribes in the Amazonas for thousands of years. Her mental state improved significantly, and she can now confidently say, that with the help of psychedelics and transpersonal psychology, which is a new way in the field of psychology and psychotherapy, she is free from anxiety and depression.

Convinced of these methods she became a transpersonal psychologist herself with the mission to help people with mental illness who are open to or have experienced altered states of consciousness.

If you are curious to learn more about what transpersonal psychology is, how it helps, and hear Barbara’s personal story, then this podcast episode is for you.

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